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Trails at Woodhaven Lakes

City of LA Marque, Galveston County

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Padua Realty initially hired 7gen Planning to provide a preliminary plat based on exiting plans for this 82-acre planned unit development in Galveston County and the City of La Marque. This mixed-use community includes single-family homes, a commercial reserve, an age-restricted development, and a cottage/duplex development. Upon review of the existing plans, 7gen was hired to modify and redesign the plan to make it more efficient and compliant for approval by the City.    

A drainage ditch flanks the property along the western and southern boundary, calling for a mandatory 200’ building setback. A lake was proposed in the resulting open space, amenitized by trails, benches, a covered pavilion, splash pad, and a centrally located park. Open space connectivity for the various sections of the community was designed to allow residents access to walk or bike to the park or the amenity lake. 

7Gen reworked the site plan to accommodate a 20’ transition fill along Delany road, thereby increasing the lot count in the single-family section by 20 lots. The City required a secondary point-of-entry access and recommended building a temporary all-weather access road until the second entry point in phase two was constructed. However, by providing a boulevard main entry to the single-family section, 7gen omitted this requirement to phase one.  

7gen also redesigned the layout for the cottage reserve section. To meet fire code requirements and accommodate public utility easements, 7Gen omitted the cul-de-sac from the previous design. 7Gen worked closely with City planning and engineering departments throughout the design and preliminary platting process, providing solutions to meet the city ordinance, PUD and fire code, and access requirements for the tract.


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