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The Highlands

Harris County, Texas

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7gen Planning was hired to provide master land planning, lot and street layout design, platting coordination, community character, and entitlement services for this 2,319-acre master-planned community (MPC) located along the Grand Parkway (Toll 99) in Montgomery County, Texas.

This project is unique for a Houston area master-planned community as it has a wide range of topography, heavy forestation, and borders the San Jacinto River. 7gen utilized these constraints during project planning and as opportunities to create unique features and amenities throughout the community.

Access to the San Jacinto River and its associated floodplain was a focal point for the overall community master plan. It was necessary to provide drainage for the community and allows residents to experience the forestation and river environments. The open space created by 7gen operates in conjunction with the drainage network to form the backbone of an extensive system – moving people and water through the MPC.

Additionally, 7gen designed amenity pockets throughout the community, such as the recreation center and neighborhood parks. The pockets are surrounded by preserved open spaces designed to utilize existing trees in the heavily forested area. These open space corridors will be used for neighborhood trails, connecting the smaller neighborhoods to the overall community trail system, and master-planned amenities, such as central lakes, schools, and recreation centers.

The master trail and stormwater drainage systems were designed to provide a connection under the Grand Parkway, reducing the effect of a dividing barrier within the MPC. This provides residents with a safe alternative to access all of the communities’ amenities and visit their neighbors throughout the development without using an automobile.

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