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Sun Chase

Austin, Texas

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Sun Chase PUD comprises 1,604 acres of land. The PUD includes a mix of single-family, multi-family, commercial, civic, and recreational uses. 7gen Planning was hired to provide a schematic lotting plan of single-family condominiums for a 4.5-acre undeveloped tract within the PUD. 

There were no existing trees requiring preservation on the site, only underbrush and small cedars. The northern property boundary borders an arterial roadway, and the southern boundary backs up to single-family homes within the PUD. Access to the site is provided through the existing single-family area. Other constraints included needing on-site detention and water quality rather than utilizing the existing community’s detention pond adjacent to the tract and a maximum of 12 units/acre.

7gen achieved the site’s maximum density while also providing a large area of common open space, an important amenity that the client requested. This common open space is something that many communities lack. It is an opportunity for residents to socialize and build a sense of community. It is also an ideal design for condos to have a larger, more functional open space than much smaller private areas for each unit.


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