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Katy Legacy

Houston, Harris County, Texas

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Katy Legacy’s first development is a 117 unit single-family for rent community by AHV Communities. Founded in 2013, AHV revolutionized rental living by building market-rate, purpose-built single-family rental home communities owned, managed, maintained, and operated as a luxury multi-family property. This development is located directly across from a recently built Katy ISD High School and Jr. High School complex. 

Adjacent parcels are reserved for future multi-family housing and commercial properties to create a horizontal mixed-use development. This will allow the residents of the AHV community to walk to adjacent services and schools. In addition, residents have almost 70-acres of the area used for open space, detention, floodplain mitigation, drainage, and utility easements. These open spaces served as an important driver in the layout of the individual uses for creating opportunities to provide buffers for single-family homes while properly connecting the uses.

7gen provided land planning services that took this project from the master plan to platting. However, various site constraints had to be overcome to get the project approved. The City of Houston’s intersection spacing requirement split the project in half, despite our argument that it was a road that led to nowhere. We used the existing creek as an argument to get rid of another, otherwise required roadway, saving the client additional construction costs. Additional coordination was needed to set median cuts at ideal locations for access into the project. Initially, the county wanted their standard spacing, which would not have benefited our project. An encroaching neighbor also caused issues with the property boundary, which ultimately did not affect the land plan.


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